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Swedish, Relaxation:
Light or moderate pressure, designed to relax and relieve anxiety, pain and improve health.
The relaxing modalities offered can provide many benefits:
Stress relief
Improvement in memory, sleep and overall health
Enhance immune system
Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release
Restrictions in our connective tissue keep us from moving properly.  Stiff neck, back pain, pelvic/hip pain, any chronic pain, plantar fascitis etc.?  No need to be in pain any longer! Time to enjoy life......
Moderate to deep pressure, slower deeper work to release constrictions in our connective tissue so that increased mobility can be achieved.  Very effective for those tight areas that inhibit our range of motion and cause pain.  Amount of pressure is always within YOUR comfort level!
Sports Massage
Stretching and regaining mobility are paramount to feeling balanced.  Let me show you how you can have more quality of life and feel 'well' again with the mobility you should have.  Easy exercises you can do at home, with coaching and handouts to help you along the way.  Active Isolated Stretching and strengthening exercises help prevent injuries and aid in healing from present injuries. These can be part of your regular session each time.
Lymphatic Drainage
A very light subtle amt. of pressure on various areas of face, neck or other areas can help direct and encourage proper lymphatic flow, releasing toxins and boosting your immune system..
Our lymphatic system is designed to carry off our waste products, but like plumbing, the lymph system often becomes congested, slowiing down that process.
When tissue is congested, it's difficult for nutrients to enter the tissue and for toxins and waste products to leave the tissue, and often edema (swelling) is a result.
Edema can occur in various parts of the body from various causes. Lymphatic drainage helps relieve edema or congestion so that you waste products and toxins can leave the body and thereby enhance your immune system.
We live in a world of toxins, and many factors contribute to congested lymph systems.
What a great way to reliefve sinuses, enhance immune system and achieve relaxation all at once. 
Also common as results of injuries and surgery, edema inhibits proper healing and wellness.  This can be incorporated into any session.  I highly recommend this work!
CranioSacral Therapy
This gentle therapy is a light-touch approach with the potential to make dramatic improvements in many areas.  The releasing of tensions deep in the body can releive pain, dysfuntion and improve overall wellness.
CST can help relieve many issues:
Migraines and other headaches
Chronioc Fatigue
TMJ syndrome
Chronic neck/back pain
orthopedic issues
and much more!
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